The NEST at Beach Drive

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Schools (GreatSchools Score)

  • Alki Elementary Schooll (9)

  • Madison Middle School (7)

  • West Seattle High School (5)


  • 7 Luxury Homes

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About West Seattle:

The founding site of Seattle before it moved across Elliott Bay, is also home to the city's most popular beach, as well as a third of the it’s green space and urban forest. It’s mostly laid-back residential done west coast right.

The best parts almost feel like a small surf town, while the rest is simply casually cool and fashionably funky. Alki Beach runs along the north coast, with a superb bike and running path, volleyball nets, and fire pits—the perfect place to catch the setting sun and Seattle’s skyline.

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The lifestyle

Time doesn’t exactly stand still here, but it slows down considerably. Catch your breath, clear your mind.

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Beachcombing, forgetting your watch, and taking the day as it comes.

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Moderate price points with a healthy mix of new condos and townhomes mixed among single family homes.